UAE’s Top Shopping Websites For Men

Most of my friends loathe shopping. They don’t like being dragged around shopping malls trying to hunt down a bargain or a good addition to their wardrobe, and would much rather be safe and sound at home. I on the other hand, love combing through malls looking for what next…

Kal Jacobs on DubaiEye103.8’s The Word with Jason Lumber & Zahra Soar.

From how to care for your shirts to simple tips on how to look your best – a conversation on all things menswear..

Win a men’s shirt from Kal Jacobs

New home-grown Dubai menswear brand Kal Jacobs, which specialises in 100 percent cotton shirts and garments made using super sustainable, super-lightweight bamboo, is giving away ten pieces from its collection.

Family-owned firm bring bamboo shirts to Dubai

Forget walking around with your arms clamped fiercely to your sides to mask those summer sweat patches – new kid on the block Kal Jacobs has a lightweight, breathable trick up its sleeve in the form of its line of bamboo shirts.

Here’s are six awesome sites for shopping online

Let’s face it guys – we don’t always enjoy traipsing around shopping malls or stores. For those rare ones who enjoy shopping, good for you – you’re an endangered species.