How to Measure a Shirt

If you are not sure of your shirt size, we recommend picking out your favourite, best fitting Formal and/or Casual shirt and measuring it for size against our Size Chart. Grab a Measuring Tape, your shirt and follow the instructions below.


With the shirt fully buttoned, place the shirt flat on its back (use a hard surface for accurate measurements) making sure to spread out any wrinkles. Starting at just below one armhole, guide the tape measure straight across to the bottom of the other armhole.


To measure waist width, you will have to identify the mid section of the shirt’s body, it’s about halfway between the bottom of the armholes and the edge of the shirt and is usually the narrowest part of the shirt’s body. Once you’ve identified this section, measure from the outer end of one side straight across to the other end.


Lay the sleeve out flat, smooth out all the wrinkles. Measure from the top of the armhole down to the bottom edge of the sleeve.

Shirt Length

Place the shirt flat out on it’s front, smooth out any wrinkles. Measure from the base of the back collar right down to the centre point of the bottom edge of the shirt


Unbutton the shirt and lay it out flat on its back. From the centre of the button stitching, measure straight across the collar band to the inner edge of the button hole. Be sure to keep the collar taut for a more accurate measurement.

Determine your proper shirt size by following these simple instructions to measure your body. You will need a bit of help, so grab a friend and a Measuring Tape.



Guide the tape measure under your armpits, around the fullest part of your chest being sure to include your shoulder blades for a more accurate measurement. The tape measure should not be too tight or too loose – just right.



Standing up in a relaxed position, measure around the fullest part of your belly, which is usually at about belly button level. The tape measure should wrap around comfortably.


Sleeve Length

Measure from your shoulder joint down along your arm to your elbow and on to your wrist bone.


Shirt Length

Hold the beginning of the tape at the bottom of your neck where the bottom of your shirt collar is. Then run the tape measure down your back to where you want the shirt to finish.This point is usually the bottom of the buttocks.



Run the tape measure just below your Adam’s apple. Make sure the tape measure is level and not at an angle. Place one finger between the tape measure and your neck for your collar size.