Why Shop at Kal Jacobs

Why Shop at Kal Jacobs
  • It is our desire to offer you superior quality across our fabrics, design and service. Our collections feature shirts made from 100% premium quality cotton & organic bamboo fabric. Great thought and effort goes into every part of our process, each step driven with you at the helm.
  • Our step-by-step videos, beautiful photography and size charts will help you get that perfect fit, every time! And if that’s not enough, we’re right here to assist you if you’ve hit a style block or are just in need of a little fashion advice.
  • Shopping with us is a breeze and our check out process is quick. Rest assured, your shopping experience with us is safe and secure. Our reputable gateway service providers are vested in protecting your interests, thus providing additional security at each and every transaction.
  • Shop at Kal Jacobs absolutely anywhere and anytime! We are accessible across most smart phones and tablets. Lunch-break shopping, anyone?
  • We want to keep things interesting! Our special offers, promotions, competitions, events and store exclusives aim to do just that.
  • We’re an ONLINE fashion store, so forget about circling a parking lot for a spot. Oh, and take all the time you need browsing or shopping, no pressure!
  • Need help? Or just want to say hello? Find us on Facebook or get in touch with us by email at customercare@kaljacobs.com